Implementation of new 2016 Vehicle Inspection Manual

Implementation of new 2016 Vehicle Inspection Manual

British Columbia Takes Highway Safety Seriously

The Vehicle Inspection & Standards program is keen on improving vehicle and road safety in the westernmost province of Canada, British Columbia. This program covers all types of highway vehicles – both private and commercial.

Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) endeavors to have only the most roadworthy and safest highway automobiles operating on BC’s highways, through the proper application of the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act, Motor Vehicle Act Regulations, Vehicle Inspection Manual and Canadian vehicle manufacturing standards.

In this pursuit, CVSE has released an updated version of its Vehicle Inspection Manual. The new 2016 Vehicle Inspection Manual replaces the Vehicle Inspection Manual 2010 and comes with revised inspection criteria, which define the minimum mechanical standards that automobiles must fulfill to operate on-highway in British Columbia.

2016 Vehicle Inspection Manual will affect the whole MVA Truck, Trailer and Bus Inspection requirement

A new version of Vehicle Inspection Manual was enacted on July 1, 2016. Authorized inspectors who will conduct all inspections at a Designated Inspection Facilities (DIF) or Preventative Maintenance Facilities (PMP) throughout the province are required to inspect to the criteria noted in the current year’s Inspection Manual. It is necessary for these authorized inspectors to ensure that all vehicles satisfy minimum requirements and are in compliance before issuance a certificate of approval.

CVSE will provide a 90-day transition period to September 30, 2016, to ensure plenty opportunity for all facility operators and authorized inspectors to obtain and familiarize themselves with the new requirements and inspection criteria. Full enforcement will start following this transition period.

Get VIM and Other Documents in BC

The Vehicle Inspection Manual and the associated documents are available through the Queen’s Printer of BC at Additional information, bulletins, notices, and circulars are available from the CVSE website at– under “Vehicle Inspections & Standards.”

Had The Emission Altered On Your Vehicle’s DPF System? You’re In Trouble!

Whether you are living in British Columbia or moving to the province, it is necessary for your vehicle to pass a safety check. You must get safety inspections done by private mechanics, authorized by the B.C. Ministry of Transportation. These private mechanics will use the Vehicle Inspection Manual to guide them in measuring the safety of your vehicle during their inspection.

The inspection procedures and criteria for emission controls and devices have not altered in BC, but the profile of inspecting emission control equipment will be more important in the inspection process because this item is now recognized separately in the Vehicle Inspection Manual.

Over the past decade, some garages have dismantled emissions control devices to reprogram the engine for better performance, improve fuel efficiency and address reliability problems. This has become a serious concern for the British Columbia Trucking Association (BCTA), since altering or tampering emissions control devices undermines environmental benefits.

The new Vehicle Inspection Manual is a way to end such harmful practices and enforce clean diesel regulations. The 2016 VIP also ensures that BC Motor Vehicle regulatory standards, Canadian Manufacturing Standards, and National and International Vehicle Safety Standards are applied. Only safe, pollution-free and environmental-friendly vehicles will be operated on BC roads.

The new manual version will identify those vehicles that have had their emission systems modified. Therefore, those trucks that have had the emission altered on DPF system will fail the safety check; making it harder for these automobiles’ owners to get a Motor Vehicle Inspection sticker.

Purchase A New DPF To Certify Your Truck Under The VIP

This means that many drivers will be stuck with trucks they can no longer certify under the Vehicle Inspection Program. To obtain Motor Vehicle Inspection sticker, these truck owners need to reverse the process by purchasing a new particulate filter.

If you need to buy aftermarket DPFs in British Columbia, look no further than Re-Flow Solutions.

Diesel Filters – A Must for Every Vehicle

Diesel Filters – A Must for Every Vehicle

Since 2009, indispensable pollution filters called diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are a must for new diesel cars. Recently, more than a thousand diesel vehicles have been caught without a DPF, contributing largely to air pollution-related deaths.

Shocking Revelation of Removed Pollution Filters in Diesel Cars

In the United Kingdom, nearly 29,000 people die premature deaths each year due to tiny, sooty particles emitted by diesel engines. Soot can end up deep inside people’s lungs leading to an array of health problems. An investigation has revealed that pollution filters have been deliberately removed from the diesel cars when their DPFs become clogged and cause breakdowns.

Engines will breathe again, but humans may not!

According to a garage owner, the only solution for vehicles with DPF problems was DPF removal. Replacing DPFs can cost up to £2,500, so, it was a cheap shot to get it removed totally for a few hundred pounds. It’s shocking that many garages offer DPF removal and advise it for increasing power and fuel efficiency of vehicles, with one promise “your engine will breathe again”. These garage owners forget the harm they are causing to the health of living beings.

Driving a car without a diesel filter is an offence. This is because a car without a DPF is more polluting than ever and, therefore, it is unfit to drive. Recent tests have confirmed that diesel vehicles pollute far more in the real world than in laboratories. And so, removing pollution filters is the last thing on the planet that should be allowed.

Smart Move Will Not Be Smart Enough Anymore In the Future

Some corrupt garages remove filters in a manner which avoids detection. They offer to discreetly cut a small window in the top of the chamber, so as to remove the internal filter before re-welding the window and refitting to the diesel car. It is a dodgy move to show a vehicle has a DPF fitted. According to Clean Air in London (CAL), a lot of diesel vehicles are likely to have been interfered with in this way.

In 2014, the government ministers introduced a visual check into the MOT test, to end the unacceptable, dodgy DPF removal practice. According to new figures given to the Guardian by the Department for Transport (DfT), until now, 1,188 vehicles have been caught without DPFs.

The roads minister of UK, Andrew Jones, said that they are fully committed to improving air quality. Hundreds of polluting vehicles are getting off the road, and new ways are investigated to use the advanced technology to further improve detection methods.

So, people must ditch dirty diesel and switch to cleaner vehicles with DPFs.

Regular DPF Maintenance- An Ideal Solution for Maintaining Your DPF

Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning is possible and costs less than replacement. Not only does regular DPF maintenance ensure longer DPF life, but it also runs your equipment smoothly and efficiently. Re-Flow Solutions is one company offering DPF cleaning service in Vancouver, British Columbia. Get a DPF cleaning service done today; save money & help reduce air pollution