Diesel Particulate Filter Specialists Canada

Diesel Particulate Filter Specialists Canada

The Most Frequently Asked Questions Of Diesel Particulate Filter Specialists In Canada

When we find ourselves in need of the unique assistance that is provided by diesel particulate filter specialists in Canada, the process of learning everything that we need to know can be challenging. That’s why we are here to provide readers with access to the most frequently asked questions of diesel particulate filter specialists in Canada.

Let’s take a closer look at the following questions, so that we can make the right choices when it comes to the long term maintenance of our diesel engines. There is no reason why the layperson should be unfamiliar with the basics.

1) So What Is a Diesel Particulate Filter Exactly?

The diesel particulate filter is also known as the DPF for short. When we utilize diesel engines, the DPF takes on an added level of importance. The DPF comes together with the EGR valve and the oxidation catalyst in order to provide the engine with the assistance that it needs. Removing particulate matter and hydrocarbons that did not have a chance to properly burn is very important to the long term health of a diesel engine.

Particulate matter is the diesel engine’s equivalent of soot. When diesel fuel continues to burn over the course of time, the soot will accumulate and cause a number of different engine related issues. On board computers cannot handle the accumulation and temperatures inside of the engine start to increase. The soot continues to accumulate and the harmful process steadily repeats itself.

2) What Happens When Improper Care Takes Place?

Some readers may have taken a look at that last paragraph and wondered how this could actually affect the long term health and safety of their diesel engine. But accumulated soot comes with a wide range of serious issues that need to be addressed as quickly as possible. The pressure that is created by the added soot inside of the engine leads to severe damage.

The engine will lose a great deal of horsepower. Fuel economy is also weakened. In addition to these major concerns, there is also an increase in the risk factors associated with filter damage and engine damage. These types of problems do not manifest themselves immediately, but they are going to cause a sizable amount of frustration.

3) How Often Do We Need To Hire Diesel Particulate Filter Specialists In Canada?

Knowing how often we need to take care of these concerns is very important to the health of the engine. This is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to long term maintenance. The interval at which the engine will be looked at by specialists will depend on various factors that differ for each vehicle. The condition of the engine and the duty cycle need to be considered.

The type of oil that is used to lubricate the engine must also be factored into the equation. Manufacturers believe that we need to hire a specialist at least once a year. Failing that, we will need to clean the engine at least once for every 1,000 hours worth of usage. There will be instances where the recommended cleansing interval is shorter, though.


Diesel Particulate Filter Specialists Canada
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