DPF Cleaning In Vancouver

DPF Cleaning In Vancouver

What You Get Out Of DPF Cleaning In Vancouver

A diesel particulate filter is an integral part of the exhaust system of all diesel powered engines. The devices have been found to be far superior in preventing pollutants from diesel engines. The superior cleaning of exhaust gases requires DPF cleaning in Vancouver.

Every long haul truck manufacturer, all diesel trucks that see light and heavy duty in business or personal use, and all diesel cars have a different design for the DPF. The difference in design demands professional DPF cleaning in Vancouver.

While many truck owners and car owners may feel that DPF cleaning in Vancouver is burdensome there are significant advantages to regular DPF cleaning in Vancouver.


Environmental regulations require that all commercial diesel vehicles have regular DPF cleaning. The point of a DPF is to produce clean air. Routine cleaning delays defeat the purpose of the DPF device. Fines cost much more than the cost of cleaning.

It is possible to lose the ability to make a living driving due to failure to abide by environmental law. Some drivers have been caught driving without a DPF. Removal of the device produces a severe fine and loss of income.

Better Fuel Economy

The average reduction in fuel costs is five percent if the DPF is cleaned once a year. The fuel saving depends on the age of the engine and maintenance of the rest of the truck. Trucks that see a lot of use may need a DPF cleaning twice a year.

Increased Horsepower

The DPF fills with particulate matter over time. The engine must work harder to produce the same amount of force because there is a plug of particulate waste in the exhaust. This plug reduces horsepower because more energy is wasted forcing gas through the DPF.


A DPF can cause several days of down time. Regular cleaning prevents the downtime. A DPF can become so contaminated that it must be replaced. You waste time waiting for a replacement and installing the replacement. You could be making money if you simply had regular DPF cleaning in Vancouver.


If you let the DPF go without cleaning long enough, you risk damaging your engine. This can mean extremely serious repair costs and a few weeks without any income.

Takes 24 hours

Your truck is off the road for a maximum of 24 hours for a complete DPF cleaning. You have to weigh the cost of one days lost income against the potential of two weeks or more.

Quality Control

DPF cleaning is done at extremely high temperatures. The deposits of particulates are burned off of the DPF. Trained technicians inspect the DPF before and after burning. Considerations for each type of manufacture and the differences in manufacturers are taken into account in the heating process and all hand cleaning.


A DPF is a mechanical device and has a defined useful life. Companies that clean DPFs actively participate in recycling. The truck owner benefits in a lower price for a new DPF. Some see this as a payback for helping to keep the air clean.


DPF Cleaning In Vancouver