Dry Air Filter Cleaning Vancouver

Dry Air Filter Cleaning Vancouver

Complete Guide For Dry Air Filter Cleaning In Vancouver

Cleaning your air filter isn’t something you need to do every day. Even if your air filter is dirty, you don’t need to clean it if you can still see the wire screen. When you can’t see the screen in some parts of the air filter, you should know it’s time to clean. Another reason why you may want to consider dry air filter cleaning in Vancouver is if the filter isn’t functioning properly anymore. Most dry air filters can work effectively for up to 40000 to 100000 miles without requiring cleaning. So, it’s not something you should add to your regular cleaning routine. Your driving condition has a role to play in the frequency of your cleaning.

Guide to Dry Air Filter Cleaning In Vancouver

Apply the Cleaner

After you have established that you need to clean your air filter, the next thing to do is apply the filter cleaner. Your dry air filter should have a product-specific cleaner. This should be attached to both sides of the filter. About ten minutes is enough to soak time to loosen the dirt trapped inside. Make sure you remove it before it dries inside.

Rinse Your Dry Air Filter

To flush out the dirt, rinse the filter with low-pressure water inside out. Keep rinsing it until the cleaning substance is gone. You don’t need to worry about how many times you do it. Just make sure there is no trace of the cleaner when you are done.

Dry Your Air Filter

After rinsing the cleaner two to three times, shake off the excess water gently and allow it to dry. You don’t need to use any drier. Allow it to dry naturally. It is important that you let it dry before you apply the oil.

Use Your Filter Oil

If your air filter came with oil, then you need to add it. There should be an air filter kit should have squeeze bottle in it. Use it to apply the oil evenly. It should be applied on the crown of the pleat. The oil should be allowed to wick for about twenty minutes. After that, try and get a uniform color on all sides of the filter by touching it up. Different companies offer different sizes of oil. But the oil you find in your product should be enough to oil the filter after dry air filter cleaning in Vancouver.


Leaving your air filter dirty is equal to having no air filter at all. It is important that you check your filter from time to time to make sure it is not dirty. Clogging doesn’t occur overnight. It happens as a result of accumulation over time. As it accumulates, it reduces air supply to the engine little by little. This will eventually lead to waste of fuel and reduced performance. So, monitor your filter and make sure this doesn’t happen. When you notice any signs that it is dirty, clean it to avoid clogging or disrupt engine performance. If you maintain your dry air filter properly, it will last longer.


Dry Air Filter Cleaning Vancouver
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