• The Inspection Booth – This allows the operator to accurately determine the integrity of the filter media. The 42inspection station utilizes a custom manufactured 750-watt halogen light source center, which allows the operator to easily and safely inspect the air filter’s media for damaging effects, ranging from large tears in the media to microscopic pinholes that are not readily visible to the naked eye


  • The Manometer Station – this is used to test dirty air filters before and after the Sonic® Dry Clean process. This station allows the operating technician to accurately measure the amount of pressure drop for the air filter. The operating technician can then use this measurement to compare against baseline data on the air filter to determine the operational status of the air filter. This process ensures that the air filter is returned to service with the required filtering efficiency!


  • The Sonic® Dry Clean Machine – For maximum cleaning effectiveness, the air filter cleaning chamber is completely sealed and under constant vacuum. Inside the cleaning chamber, are three strategically placed vacuum nozzles; one nozzle for the main cleaning chamber and two nozzles located on the inside and the outside of the air filter. The vacuum nozzles are designed to work closely together with two sets of air nozzles to ensure that every inch of the air filter is cleaned. The vacuum and air nozzles are engineered to work in sync which enables the Sonic® Machine to clean both inside/outside and outside/inside air filters.


One of the most common practices found in air filter change outs is to replace the used filter with a new filter. sonic example videoUnfortunately, repeatedly changing out new filters with old filters is an expensive practice and one that will actually cause the equipment to consume excessive amounts of harmful debris.

This excessive consumption will lower your equipment’s operating efficiency, significantly increase particulate emissions and increase the risk of equipment failure.

Most of the dirt that passes through an air filter’s media does so during the early part of the new filter’s usable life when its filtering efficiency is the lowest. In fact, it is not until after the first 5%-15% of a filter’s useful life has passed that the filter begins to develop an important filtering shield, called the “pre-coat.” The “pre-coat” is formed as microscopic dirt particles begin to build up on the surface of the filter media producing a light contaminant layer. Once formed, the “pre-coat” enables the filter to operate at its maximum efficiency, preventing dust and other contaminants from entering the engine.

  • Patented design can repeatedly clean filters to99.96% of maximum filtering efficiency without damaging the filter’s “pre-coat” – guaranteeing you an air filter that will out perform any new filter right from the start and significantly lower operating costs!
  • 100% dry clean process! No chemicals, liquids, solvents or harmful agents are used during the cleaning of the filter.
  • Most horizontal cleaners have only two air nozzles. Sonic has four specifically engineered air nozzles located on the inside and outside of the air filter.
  • Sonic® provides better engine protection and higher efficiency than any other cleaning methods.
  • The Sonic® Machine uses internationally patented technology to safely and effectively clean virtually any cylindrical air filter up to 37” in height and 20” in outside diameter
  • There are currently over 600 SDC Systems in use worldwide. No other System has been used in more applications then the Sonic® Dry Clean System.

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  • Truck/Bus Fleets
  • Mining Equipment
  • Excavators
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Plants
  • Sawmill Equipment
  • Cement Plants/Trucks
  • Dust Collectors
  • Fume Extractors
  • Blowers/Turbines
  • Military Equipment
  • Sand Blasting Shops
  • Powder Coating Shops
  • Fabricating/Welding Shops
  • HVAC Units
  • Office Buildings
  • Sport Complexes
  • Factories/Plants/Mills
  • Paint Booth/Body Shops
  • Farming Equipment
  • Green Houses

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